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Parkrun Championship


January sees the start of our Park Run Championships. 2019 dates are detailed below...
  • Penrith Parkrun Championships (10 events)

There will be prizes for 1-2-3 in both the male & female competitions within each group

Explanatory Notes 2019

Groups 2019 Parkrun Champs and 2018 PBs

Road & Parkrun Champs Race Contact Alan Marshall
Park Run Championship 2019
Date Event Location
Jan 26th ER Parkrun Champs 2019 #1 Frenchfield, Penrith 9am
Feb 16th ER Parkrun Champs 2019 #2 Frenchfield, Penrith 9am
March 16th ER Parkrun Champs 2019 #3 Frenchfield, Penrith 9am
April 13th ER Parkrun Champs 2019 #4 Frenchfield, Penrith 9am
May 25th ER Parkrun Champs 2019 #5 Frenchfield, Penrith 9am
June 15th ER Parkrun Champs 2019 #6 Frenchfield, Penrith 9am
July 13th ER Parkrun Champs 2019 #7 Frenchfield, Penrith 9am
Aug 17th ER Parkrun Champs 2019 #8 Frenchfield, Penrith 9am
Sept 28th ER Parkrun Champs 2019 #9 Frenchfield, Penrith 9am
Oct 26th ER Parkrun Champs 2019 #10 Frenchfield, Penrith 9am

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Parkrun Championship

ER 2019 Parkrun Champs results (6)

ER 2019 Parkrun Champs - points update to event #6 June 15 2019

Brief tag-free stat avalanche - 61 competitors incl 2 first-timers takes us to 140 ERs taking part so far this year.

Ladies group D - Emma J stays in 1st (169) despite not taking part, Katherine A produces a PB to keep 2nd and close to within 3 points (166). Amanda S consolidates 3rd with 143. PBs also for Sophie H and Sarah B.
Ladies Group C - Another PB for the leader Petrina C puts her on 198, Anthea H PBs to keep her hopes alive with 177 in 2nd, with Mary C in dogged pursuit on 147
Ladies Group B - A PB-free zone this time out. Top 3 remain as was, Clare K (192), Carole M (172) and Heather H (153) .
Ladies Group A - Kathryn M stays out front (178) but Emma N pulls out a PB to close right up (172), with Karen B (154) in 3rd. Carol B, also with a PB, not far behind in 4th....PB also for Katie M.

Men Group D - Dave B produces another PB to leapfrog into 1st with 173. Erstwhile leader Patrick H slides into 2nd (162), with the fast-closing Paul W also PBing (3rd, 155) there is a lot going on in this section...A PB also for Michael P in his 3rd outing this year.
Men Group C - Timing his run well is Tony Lowery with the only PB in this group to climb into the box seat with 158, skipping past Stephen K on 154, with Peter H on 148. It's tense.......
Men Group B - Ben S PBs yet again to extend his lead in 1st with 212. Behind him, there is a major battle going on with Alex H (157), Dave P (153), Alex M (151) and Dave R (148) all vying for 2nd and 3rd.
Men Group A - Phil C holds on to 1st with 154, but Nigel McC pulls out a PB at the right time to close it up (145), with James G in 3rd with 130. PB also for Aaron B on the day.

So, there it is. If you've missed all this, or don't think you're in the running for medals, or even if you don't care about all this nonsense and just want to run, then please come along and join in!

Substantial thanks as ever to Dave P for results-related assistance.





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Eden Runners – Road Race Championships 2013


There will be at least 17 races in the series. 5 will be 5k, 7 will be 10k, with 3 half-marathons and 2 ‘one-off’ distances. You can run as many, or as few, as you wish. The more you run in, the more points you will obtain.

The LadiesÂ’ and MenÂ’s Championships are scored separately. So at the end of the series, there will (hopefully) be a MenÂ’s Champion, and a Ladies Champion.

So to take an example, letÂ’s look at Rapid Ronnie. He turns up for the Endmoor 10k, South of Kendal, one Wednesday evening in July. He is a fully paid up member of Eden Runners, and has remembered to bring his green ER vest. Some of his club team mates have turned up too, there are 8 blokes and 6 lasses. Ronnie has a stormer of a race, and finishes impressively in 45.06, a good 53 seconds faster than the time he ran at the Three Bridges 10k in April. He was 3rd male Eden Runner to finish. All of his team-mates manage to finish in one piece. Fortunately, he has brought a calculator to work out how many points heÂ’s got from the race:

Completing the race – 5 points.
PB Points – 15 points
Place points – Place points – 15 points. (8 male ER finishers – 10 points for 8th, 11 for 7th, 12 for 6th, ....15 for 3rd place, 16 for 2nd, 17 for 1st ER. So Johnny gets 15 points for 3rd)

So Ronnie wins 35 points from this race (5+15+15)

Some important points though:

Points awarded will be based on OFFICIAL RESULTS ONLY – it doesn’t matter what your own stopwatch says.
Club vests MUST be worn.
Only fully paid-up members can take part in the Club Championships.