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Main Club Night - Wednesday

Winter Training

Club Night - Wednesdays - meet at Penrith Rugby Club at 6.45pm sharp, aiming for 7pm departure. Hi -viz / reflective kit essential please. Check Facebook or Discussion Board for updates - details also on the 'This Week' section. All Welcome, including any new or prospective joiners. Come along and give it a try, with no obligation.

Tuesdays - Winter -Rugby Club carpark 6pm or UCC by the skate park, 6.10pm. Usual duration around 45 mins. Check discussion board or Facebook page for updates.

Spring-Summer Training -

Wednesdays (Spring & Summer). See the list of summer runs under the link on the homepage under 'Latest Information'. Usually, these are group runs which cater for all levels of fitness & ability. Meeting is often at Penrith Rugby Club at 6.30pm for lifts/carshare/directions. But please check on the website under 'This Week' and on the facebook and discussion group for updates & further details.

Every Monday, Ready2Run Eden is specifically for complete beginners or re-starters wishing to get back to running after a long lay-off, at 7pm at Penrith Rugby Club Email ready2run.eden@gmail.com for further details or look for Ready2Run Eden on facebook....

Also on Mondays - if you want to improve your speed and running efficiency? Monday nights 6pm at QEGS Carpark (next to the sports field & tennis courts). This is a joint session open to all members of ER and Eden Valley Tri Club. We will be on the QEGS sports field & 400m grasstrack, using the pavilion as meeting point. - during winter evenings the nearby streets will be used, so please wear hi-viz. Sessions usually last no more than an hour, in an atmosphere of relaxed determination (if that's not a contradiction in terms). You don't have to be a fast runner, you just have to want to improve

Tuesdays - Summer nights, at Frenchfield 6pm start - sessions vary to suit - all abilities welcome.. Usual duration around 45 mins. Check discussion board or Facebook page for updates.

Email Alan Marshall if you want to know more.

Wednesday night Winter Training Runs
Date What is it Where/when meet Afterwards?
Wed 14 November 2018 Parlauf - detail below Rugby Club, Penrith - meet 6.45om sharp for 7pm start Rugby Club bar.

Training session

Tuesday November 13th 2018,  Tuesday night short stuff -  6pm meet at Rugby Club or 6.10pm at Ullswater School, skate park,  with Wack  - something to suit all levels - see discussion group and FB page for any updates or changes

Wednesday November 14th 2018 - Club Night - Parlauf

Meet at Penrith Rugby Club at 6.45pm to get all the talking done BEFORE setting off at 7pm sharp - and PLEASE make sure you have your reflective HI VIZ at the ready, this is a requirement, not an option.

What is the Route?..

The ER webpage has a map on it – go to the map box at the bottom right of this page and tick the Parlauf box…an expandable map box will appear.


Basically, it's a loop round Penrith, over which teams of two will compete. Hopefully, everyone will join in with the spirit of the event. Yes it will be competitive, but not at the expense of being enjoyable. It's designed to suit all levels of ability and fitness, so don't be afraid to join in - the more the merrier!

How does it work? We will start/finish at the bottom of Wordsworth Street at the Methodist Church, on Drovers Lane. But first, before we leave the RC, we will need to sort the runners into teams of two - pairing fastest with slowest, 2nd fastest with 2nd slowest, etc. Nothing too scientific, but the idea behind this is to try to make each pairing as close to equal in average speed as possible. All starting at the same time, one half of each team runs the course in opposite directions. When the two runners from each pair meet, somewhere on the far side of the course, each will turn round and run back the way they came. The winning team is the first one with BOTH runners back at the start/finish. The TOTAL route length is around 5.4miles, so the 'fastest' runners may cover around 6 miles (as they will run more than half the route), while their 'slower' partners will run maybe around 4.5miles.

Route (Clockwise).

Start - foot of Wordsworth St on Drovers Lane at Penrith Methodist Church
Go South along Drovers Lane/Meeting House Lane/Folly Lane
At far end of Folly Lane turn sharp right onto Carleton Road
At end (traffic lights), turn sharp left onto Bridge Lane and think about crossing onto RHS
At next junction (traffic lights), turn right and run up the road between Penrith Leisure Centre(on your right) and UCC (on your left) towards Wetheriggs Estate (watch for speed humps)
Through the white metal gate, Turn right onto Wetheriggs Lane/Castle Hill Lane/West Lane, past back of Sainsburys, then past the Dolly Tub launderette.
Bear Left into Great Dockray
Left again onto Castlegate, uphill
Bear left at the top, past the Station Hotel, onto Ullswater Road
Along Ullswater Road, cross onto right hand side
Past Cranstons, bear right at roundabout, past Go Outdoors/ Atkinsons, along pavement into Penrith Industrial Estate.
Follow Haweswater Road parallel with M6, under railway, towards Magnet
APPROX HALF-WAY POINT -Right into Mardale Road before Magnet, anticlockwise around the Magnet 'loop'
Right again back onto Haweswater Road, past Arnold Clark until T junction (new roundabout) is reached
Turn right onto the Greystoke Road, towards Castletown & Penrith town centre
Follow this road through Castletown until after crossing the Castletown railway bridge, then
Turn left (so that Morrisons is directly on your right) down Brunswick Road (do NOT cut across Booths carpark)
Immediately past Booths, turn left along Brunswick Terrace leading into top of Brunswick Square
Turn right, down Brunswick Square
At the bottom, turn left up Scotland Road, past chippy etc..
Turn right up to climb up Salkeld Road, towards Beacon Edge
Along Beacon Edge, past top of Graham Street, then
Turn right down steps (take care) and into Croft Avenue.
Down Croft Avenue to FINISH at the bottom.

Those running anticlockwise obviously run this route in reverse.

I think the route is street-lit all the way, but as ever, wear reflective hi-viz and always be aware of traffic and non-runners (it's not their fault). If it goes according to plan, most runners should meet their respective partners somewhere in or around Penrith Industrial Estate, at which point each runner turns & retraces his/her steps back to the start/finish.

Hopefully there’ll be a few volunteer marshals out on the course but we can’t guarantee this on this night.

Eden Runners - as if life wasn't complicated enough.....

I should also remind members who are injured at present (there are always too many of those) of our standing invitation to the bar afterwards - even if you can't run just now, you may find it useful to help keep in touch. We all know how frustrating it is to be crocked - at least we can offer some words of encouragement and sympathy which will, certainly, help your recovery :-)

Thanks all, have fun.







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