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January sees the start of our Road Championships. We use a series of races of various distances, mostly organised by other local running clubs, for members to compete in for Championship points.

There are 3 separate Club 'Road' Champinships competitions. Each of the three is completely distinct and will have it's own points & prizes. To try to keep it fresh, we've added a couple of new events, but at the same time dropped a couple of regulars.
  • The Road Championships events are shown below, comprising - 8 x 10k
  • Penrith Parkrun Championships (10 events)
  • Long Distance Championships (9 events, two of which were in 2019 (Derwentwater 10 & Brampton to Carlisle) (Note - equivalent races for 2019-20 LD Champs are listed)
Each will use basically the same points system, which is devised in an attempt to promote improvement and participation, meaning that it is not just about outright speed or ability. We try to support as many local races as we can, and the Championships have become an integral part of our Club activities

There will be worthwhile prizes for 1-2-3 in both the male & female competitions.

Explanatory Notes 2018

Road Race Contact Alan Marshall
Race Championship 2020
Date Event Location
Sun 19 Jan Resolution 10k Durdar, Carlisle details here
Sun 2 Feb Cross Border Challenge 10k Gretna - Carlisle details here
Sun 19 April Helm Winds 10k Long Marton School - details to come
Wed 17 Jun 7.30pm Hawkshead 10k Hawkshead - Kendal AAC - details to come
Sun 28 Jun 12 noon Appleby Rotary 10k Appleby - details to come
Sun 05 Jul Morecambe 10k Morecambe - details awaited
Sun 30 Aug Sport in Action 10k

Bitts Park, Carlisle

Sun 11 Oct

Richmond Castle 10k Richmond, N Yorks











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Parkrun Championship

See separate parkrun Championships page...


Results- Road Race Championship

ER Long-Distance Road Champs Series 2019-20


1 Derwentwater 10 - Nov 3rd 2019
2 Brampton-Carlisle 10 - Nov 17th 2019
3 Dentdale 14m - Mar 14th, 2020
4 3 Villages 10m - April 5th 2020
5 Keswick Half Marathon - May 3rd 2020
...further events to be finalised


1 Derwentwater 10 - Nov 1st 2020
2 Brampton - Carlisle 10 - Nov 15th 2020
...more to follow

ER Long Distance Champs 2019-20 - with links

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Road Race Results - history

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Eden Runners – Road Race Championships 2013


There will be at least 17 races in the series. 5 will be 5k, 7 will be 10k, with 3 half-marathons and 2 ‘one-off’ distances. You can run as many, or as few, as you wish. The more you run in, the more points you will obtain.

The Ladies’ and Men’s Championships are scored separately. So at the end of the series, there will (hopefully) be a Men’s Champion, and a Ladies Champion.

So to take an example, let’s look at Rapid Ronnie. He turns up for the Endmoor 10k, South of Kendal, one Wednesday evening in July. He is a fully paid up member of Eden Runners, and has remembered to bring his green ER vest. Some of his club team mates have turned up too, there are 8 blokes and 6 lasses. Ronnie has a stormer of a race, and finishes impressively in 45.06, a good 53 seconds faster than the time he ran at the Three Bridges 10k in April. He was 3rd male Eden Runner to finish. All of his team-mates manage to finish in one piece. Fortunately, he has brought a calculator to work out how many points he’s got from the race:

Completing the race – 5 points.
PB Points – 15 points
Place points – Place points – 15 points. (8 male ER finishers – 10 points for 8th, 11 for 7th, 12 for 6th, ....15 for 3rd place, 16 for 2nd, 17 for 1st ER. So Johnny gets 15 points for 3rd)

So Ronnie wins 35 points from this race (5+15+15)

Some important points though:

Points awarded will be based on OFFICIAL RESULTS ONLY – it doesn’t matter what your own stopwatch says.
Club vests MUST be worn.
Only fully paid-up members can take part in the Club Championships.