Joining Eden Runners

In general, prospective club members may (if they wish) attend up to 3 club sessions as a ‘guest’ before committing to join, subject to agreement with the membership secretary – email for details.

Membership costs £30 on joining and on each subsequent January 1st annually. For 2024 onwards, we are using SI entries to manage membership subscription renewals – see the link below. This online system is simple, quick and secure; in addition, this will help to reduce the admin burden for our club – please use this method if you can.

Si Entries – Eden Runners Membership

If for some reason you are unable to use the above method, please email the membership secretary  to make alternative arrangements.

Once you’re a member of Eden Runners, we will subsequently register you with England Athletics. They will then issue you with a unique registration number (URN) and a Competition Licence. Among other benefits, you will then qualify for a (currently) £2 reduction in any UKA-accredited race entry, as well as having access to discount at sportswear retailers, etc.

For those already registered with England Athletics via another club, and who wish to retain that other club as their ‘first claim’ club, then we offer 2nd claim membership at a reduced annual cost of £17. In such cases, your first claim club will retain responsibility for your registration fees with EA, and that will be your represented club in race competition. That apart, you will have largely the same benefits as full members.

For any other enquiries relating to membership, please contact the Membership Secretary on the email address above.

Membership Includes